Trail of Crumbs

It’s always pretty easy to tell where Celia is been. Even at 7 years old, she leaves a trail of crumbs to mark her spot. Weird things that are just out of place give clues to where she’s been and what she’s doing.

Her most favorite place is still outside. We’ve given her a little more freedom now; she’s allowed to roam the sidewalk in front of our house. Not allowed to cross any streets, and I’ve always got an eye or ear on her (though she doesn’t know and thinks she’s running wild).

It started clouding up while she was playing out there one day so I went to round her up before she got soaked.

First I found one of our snake-y draft dodgers riding her scooter:

The trike that she’s much too big for but still loves to ride, sitting awkwardly in the yard:

Boots, cast aside. Even in October, she prefers not to wear shoes.

And there she is, my little free spirit. Skipping down the sidewalk and singing to herself.

She’s made friends with all the neighbors. Even the crabby ones that aren’t too fond of pretty much anything, they love chatting with her.

That’s a good thing, because she makes herself right at home in their yards too. She’s made herself a little den in the giant bush that sits at the edge of our neighbor’s yard.

I mean really, how could you pass that up though? The thing looks like an overgrown fairy dome.

Finally when the raindrops started to fall, she had one more request. Couldn’t she please, PLEASE just stay out for a few more minutes? She needed to look up at the rain.

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