For the first time in four years, I convinced Celia to dress up as something other than a princess. It took some convincing, then some arguing on an appropriate costume (vampire? no thanks. you’re only 7) but she finally landed on one: a cat.

Since I was finally able to design a costume for her, I decided she couldn’t be just any old cat. She needed to be a fabulous cat. A CATS! cat. I found a tutorial on how to make a wig, found some furry legwarmers and set to work.

After several hours of pulling yarn, tying knots, and burning myself with hot glue, we had a pretty neat wig.

My kids also got the best end of a raw deal. Not to make light of other’s misfortune, because there were plenty of people in our area with no power for well over a week due to hurricane Sandy….but all that weather caused communities to reschedule their Trick or Treat hours for times other than Halloween. So they got to Trick or Treat twice (well, Jordan walked with the grown ups once and handed out candy once) and go to a fun community event.

Here’s my little kitty carving a pumpkin. She was insistant on doing it all on her own, and despite the rather scary looking stabbing technique, it came out quite well!

Jordan managed to find his entire costume from the racks of Goodwill, of which I was pretty proud. He also worked on some movie quotes for several weeks to add some authenticity to the costume.

All told, it made for one very happy, very sleepy kitty.

She’s also convinced that she and Brianna are now even closer than ever before….since they can dress alike.

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