Mud Run

Celia has been asking for a while to compete in a run. She has a friend that has done a few of them and she saw photos, so she’s been dying to do one on her own.

I found out that several of her friends were doing a ‘mini-mudder’ run for a local charity. I mentioned it to her and she was immediately “Yes! I’m in! I’m doing it!”

I reminded her that she didn’t particularly like being wet. Or muddy. She said she didn’t care. She REALLY wanted to do it.

I went out and bought her a pair of shoes. Something cheap, as they were likely to be ruined, but comfortable. I had to buy shoes because this child owns no athletic shoes. She doesn’t own them because she won’t wear them.

Got the shoes on and had her try them on. I suggested she run around a bit and break them in. She immediately started crabbing about how uncomfortable they were.

After an evening of ‘discussion’ on how one must wear shoes to run in a race, she got up bright and early, ready to go. It was cool, and rainy. Definitely going to be muddy.

She met up with her friends and had a great time before the race. She loved wearing the number (which they took back before the kids ran, not sure why)

Then we watched the adults do their race. We bought some confetti to throw at them and cheered them on. We got to ride up the mountain to see some of the other obstacles in a truck, ran down in the pouring ran with friends, then caught a ride on an ATV/golf cart thing that was pretty thrilling.

Finally, it was time for the kids to race. First they had to wade through a corner of the pond, then run around the ponds.

Then roll bits of pipe for a distance:

Dance through some old tires, then slide over the finish line (Jordan saved some confetti for the little kids)

She finished with her friends, so she was happy.

She did NOT like being all wet and muddy though and was so crabby after the race that we agreed never to do another mud race again. A nap in the car was definitely needed.

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One thought on “Mud Run

  1. Wow, that is a completely exhausted girl. 🙂

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