The Dog Park

Celia heard that our town had a dog park earlier in the week, and she’s been DYING to take Bennie there.  I’m pretty sure she was thinking that there were slides and swings for the dogs there, or at least some ramps to run over and hoops to jump through.  She has been asking every evening if we could PLEASE go to the dog park.

So, here are the things that Bennie knows how to do and does quite well:

Bennie can lay in the sun.

Bennie can play in the house.  With his one special toy, for about 5 mintes, in the cutest and fluffiest way imaginable.  For about five minutes until he’s too tired or bored to continue.

Bennie likes riding in the car.

Bennie likes walking on sidewalks.

Bennie likes people.

Bennie doesn’t like most dogs.  Well, it’s not that he doesn’t like them, he just doesn’t know them and is generally terrified of them. He has a few doggie friends which we visit and with whom he will play.  Little dogs.

Bennie did NOT know what to do with himself at a ‘dog park’.  I’m not sure that Bennie realizes he is a dog.  Once we got him in the gate (a challenge in itself as it already smelled like other dogs) we removed his leash.  He stood there, like a statue.  Every once in awhile he would gingerly tiptoe around, but eventually gave up and just stood there.  Nervous and drooling copiously.

We tortured him for about 10 minutes, trying to get him to run or play.  Then we gave up, put the leash back on him, and went to visit some people.  That made him completely happy.

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