Magic Kingdom

We went to Disney about 8 months ago…and I’m just now finding the time to share it. 

This was Jordan’s 3rd trip.  Celia’s as well, but since she was an infant the first two times she went (8 months and 9 months) then she didn’t remember any of it.

Last time we went in July and then again in August. It was unbearably hot. Especially when you’re carrying around an infant most of the day, trying to keep up with an 8 year old. Stopping only to nurse your hot sweaty infant against your hot sweaty self.

This time, we went in December. We brought some jeans and hoodies thinking that it was Florida, surely that would be enough. We even packed our swimsuits and planned to spend some afternoons in the pool.

And it was COLD. Record-breaking, damp, windy, COLD. We weren’t exactly prepared for it, and since we stayed on Disney property and used Disney transportation (an experience I really do recommend), we couldn’t exactly dash down to Walmart and buy warmer clothes. So we bought some (very spendy) Disney hats and gloves, and extra hoodie for everyone…and wore all of our clothes. Like, we layered almost all of the clothes we packed under our outer clothes and tried our best to keep warm.

Despite the cold, we had a great time!

Someone was always very excited to get to the next fun thing:

It’s a small (and mind numbingly repetitive) world:

Of course, we had to see the big afternoon parade:

I loved the dancer’s hair. I want it. Then it was pointed out to me that they were all wigs and would probably never look that good in real life. A girl can still dream though.

Celia’s favorite part….characters!

Jordan’s favorite part:

They rode lots of rides:

Celia even rode her first roller coaster. She was terrified, but she went on Goofy’s roller coaster, then on Big Thunder Mountain.

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