Little Monkey Girl

This year, Celia’s favorite thing in life has been monkey bars.

From the very first day of school, it was all she cared about.  Learning to read, or write, or anything like that…eh, okay.  But she devoted her life to crossing the big monkey bars at recess. She was successful (and managed to learn all that other stuff too) and now when we’re out, she searches out the highest, biggest monkey bars she can find.

Everyone must stop what they are doing and watch her as she crosses.

When she reaches the other side, it’s not enough to drop to the ground. She’s got to slide down the pole too.

Jordan has his own skill set that he’s been working on. Generally, it’s playing xbox, minecraft, or texting. But he has spent a lot of time on his bike this summer, and thinks he’s a total daredevil with no hands on the bike:

That’s his new bike. His first ‘major’ purchase. He took all of his birthday money, shopped around, and found a bike that he likes a lot, and bought it. He also bought himself some biking gloves. To me, that bike looks huge. But he’ll be able to use it for a very long time.

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