Rainy Day at the Park

They weather hasn’t exactly cooperated with my daytrip plans, but the kids have had fun anyway. We spent a very rainy day at Chestnut Ridge Park a few weeks ago.

It was warm, but overcast as we got ready to leave the house. The weather forecast said less than a 30% chance of rain, so we decided it was worth the risk. As we got closer and closer to the park (and higher up in the mountains) it got more and more dark. By the time we got there, it was all out raining.

We decided to stay at the lower lake (it’s bigger, but for fishing only, no swimming) since it has a pavilion right on it. I figured the kids could fish and play while the moms sat out of the rain.

The first thing we noticed when we stepped out of the car was it was about 10 degrees cooler than anyone had dressed for. About 64.

We all wrapped up in towels (except for Celia, who was very happy to be in her swimsuit, no matter the temperature) and the kids played.

They got muddy (especially Celia). One friend lost a shoe in the mud, and Jordan sank up to his mid-calf rescuing it. The kids were all sure it was ‘quick sand!’ but really, it was just super gross mud.

They fished a little, but didn’t catch anything with either our fake worms or pepperoni (the camp store was closed, so no real bait that day).

They explored the outhouse and decided it was too gross to use….but just gross enough to run up to, peek in the door, and run away screaming.

Then they found the merry go round. I’m not sure why we thought it would be a good idea to let wet, muddy, kids play on a spinning piece of slippery metal, but luckily, no one sustained major injuries.

Not everyone was so fond of the thunder:

And we were freezing, so we only stayed about 2 hours, but it still wasn’t a half bad day.

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One thought on “Rainy Day at the Park

  1. Merry Go Rounds are by far the most fun thing that should have killed all of us in our childhood!

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