Another Tuesday road trip.

This time, there was no rain, but it was quite a bit colder than we thought it would be when leaving the house, so we weren’t all that appropriately dressed.

The plan was to wear swimsuits and old clothes, and swim, play, and slide in the river.  I changed into my (slightly longer, therefor slightly warmer) shorts about 3 seconds after getting out of the car and found one of Celia’s hoodies to wear (it’s a stretch, but it works in a pinch).

Celia took off what little clothing she had on, once again content to be in her swimsuit no matter the temperature.

She also decided that the swing would be the best place to eat lunch, instead of joining the rest of us at the picnic table.

Audra is a very small park, but the kids hadn’t visited it yet, so I thought this would be a good time.  I learned to swim there, and remembered it being fun.

We set off down the ‘Cave Trail’.  It’s not really a cave, just a neat overhang.  My family was not too fond of it though.

The sign isn’t too comforting to start the trail off:

But the walkway was well kept, if crooked.

We also got to see some neat mushrooms along the trail:

We walked down the trail along the river for a short ways until we found a sunny spot. There really weren’t many people there, so we didn’t have to look far for a nice on the river to ourselves.

Pretty much everyone (except Celia) had decided that there would be no swimming, it was just too cold. Once we got there though, everyone but me decided to go in. They were just going to wade, but I warned them that the rocks are slippery. To wade means you’re probably going to slip and get wet all over.

Jordan wanted to try to scramble up onto the highest rocks. I discouraged that.

Celia decided she’s rather crawl on the slippery rocks than try to walk.

It was REALLY cold.

But they were determined to swim.

We didn’t stay at that spot for long…we discovered that our sunscreen had fallen out of the backpack and decided to retrace our steps until we found it. Somehow, it slipped out while we were on the walkway. Jordan went down and around to get it.

We stopped at another swimming area and they swim until their lips turned blue. I laid on a towel on the sunny rock and read a book. We decided it would be good to come back when it was REALLY hot outside.

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