Now for the short version of what I’ve spent several weeks on!

Twenty-one team members spent the week working in various areas. Our doctors were able to see patients both at the church run clinic, and the public hospital in La Ceiba. We took down almost 10 bags of medicine to help restock the clinic’s pharmacy, and several ladies were able to help work on the filing system (which is always behind, when you see that many patients!).

We completed houses #43 and #44. This is a church that is making a huge difference in their community, and it was awesome to have a small part in it. 44 families that now have a safe, solid house, with an indoor bathroom and clean water. That’s pretty amazing. We got to work alongside the families that would be receiving these homes, and it was really touching to be a part of their lives in this way.

We got to work with the 91 children that attend the CNI. Most of them live in these homes that the church is building (there are only 6-7 families that do not yet have a new home). The difference that proper nutrition, safe housing, and some positive adult attention makes in these kids is really remarkable.

We got to attend three church services while we were there. It’s neat to see how other cultures ‘do’ church (even though in this case, it is almost exactly they same as how we ‘do’ church back home, only in Spanish).

And we had a great time. We enjoyed our host families, the work we were doing, the time with our team mates, and the experience of being in another country (not to mention a warm climate when it was so cold back home).

Lots and lots of fun:

There it is, one week summed up in a few words.  Really, if you’re considering a short term mission trip (or even something more), you’ve prayed about it and feel like it’s something God is really putting on your heart……then do it!  Don’t let the fear of anything stand in your way, because it’s really SO worth it.

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