So big.

When picking Jordan up from DV8 (youth group) last night I noticed that he’s now one of the tallest kids in the group.  He’s taller than me now, and this thin little stick of a kid is growing some pretty broad shoulders.

Last week, I sat down with him at the piano to help him work on his low range.  He’s playing the role of Aladdin in his school musical, and can’t hit those alto notes anymore.  I was a little shocked at how low he can actually sing.  It’s a bit disturbing.

A few weeks ago, I attended a ‘freshman orientation’ at his school.

Next year, he’ll go back to being a little guppy swimming with the big fish.  Moving on to high school.  But this year, as a middle schooler, he seems so big compared to the other kids in his group…all the 6th and 7th grade kids.

While looking back through photos, ones of just a year or two ago, he seems so little compared to us.  Now, he’s catching up to dad.

And it really doesn’t feel like that long ago that he was my teeny little preemie.  That I would lift his little baby hands up over his head asking “How big is baby??”

Soooooooo big.

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One thought on “So big.

  1. Wow. Jordan cannot be getting ready for high school already. Wow. Cherish the time, momma!

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