Holy War

Last week, two of my favorite bloggers shared how they how they felt they might be completely bombing their child’s Christian upbringing.

I read through their posts, greatly enjoyed them (as I always do) and carried on about my weekend.  We had a nice 3 day presidents day weekend of nice, laid back family time.  Then Monday night realized (as we almost always do) that we hadn’t even opened Celia’s backpack and started her homework!  For Jordan, homework is plentiful and starts right away.  Plus, if you don’t look over his shoulder the whole time, well, it probably won’t get done.  Celia is still a pretty studious little thing.  And her homework is usually just reading, which she flies through.  So we wait until the last minute.

So at almost bedtime, I unzipped her backpack, took out that bright red homework folder, and removed some projects from last week.  She was VERY excited to show me that she got to be on a $100 bill for President’s Day.

Aww, isn’t she adorable! And check out that flawless penmanship.

Then I stopped to actually read what my little sweetie had written.

“If I were President of the United States, I would make it a law that everyone would pray to God every day”

Holy Christian Jihad Batman!  Somehow, my kid just completely revoked most of what our country was founded on!  At the precious age of 6.

So we had a long discussion about the freedom of religion, religious persecution, pereration of church and state, and how force is probably the LEAST effective evangelistic tool on the market.  I’m not sure she understood a word of that.

I have no doubts that one day, she is going to be a very powerful lady.  She’s already a pretty powerful little girl (a little too powerful, most of the time).  Hopefully by the time she’s all grown up, with some influence, we’ll have fleshed out the whole ‘it’s not faith if someone makes you do it’ idea!

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One thought on “Holy War

  1. “Holy Christian Jihad Batman!” lol. Someday I will get to use this phrase! It’s now a bucket list item!

    At least she was thinking about others instead of saying something like “If I were president, I would make sure everything was covered in glitter.”


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