We don’t need a mop…

These are the words that wake me up.

“It’s okay,  we don’t need a mop.”

Celia had a friend stay over.  I’d heard them thumping around upstairs for at least a half an hour, but I was really trying to ignore it because it felt really really early.  Plus, hardwood floors up there make for be being able to pinpoint their exact position, so surely they were fine.  They are big girls.  Six years old.  Not babies, so no need to get up with them, right?

I open my eyes and notice it’s not quite light outside.  I ask Chris “Is it insanely early or insanely overcast?”

He looks at the clock and informs me that it’s insanely early.

Then we hear the water turn on up there.  The water runs and runs and runs.

Chris gets up and notices that the dining room light is on.  This is not good.  Dining room is the storage area for everything fun and messy in the world of craft supplies.  Celia has been forbidden entrance to the dining room for weeks, following the last glitter debacle. This means that somehow, the thundering elephants of noise managed to mute themselves and sneak down here.

I tell him he should probably go up there and see what’s going on before they flood the place.  And to remind them that it’s early, a Saturday, and Jordan is still trying to sleep.   This is the smartest move of our (very early) morning.  See, he has WAY better control over himself and has retained the ability to not completely flip out in front of company.  We don’t know the little girl super well, but she does strike me as a sweet little thing that *could* be emotionally scarred by witnessing a full mother meltdown.

He goes up, and right away I can hear the broom sweeping across the floor.   While the water still runs.

After a few minutes, he comes down with two empty glitter containers (the big ones).  His eyes are glazes over.

“It’s everywhere.  In piles on the family room floor, mixed into puddles in the bathroom, ALL over the girls, and glued to a disturbing amount of furniture.   And they ate my brownies.”

His prized fudge brownies, of which he enjoys every morning.

So let’s count them up:

She got into the glitter, which she has been forbidden from touching.

She got into sweets/candy before breakfast and without asking, which she has been forbidden from doing.

Most of all….she’s corrupted someone else’s child into thinking this kind of behavior is acceptable!!

Never mind the clean up, that I can figure out!  How am I going to explain these shenanigans to this child’s parents?!?!?

I really wish she was still of the age where I could manage to secretly photograph her destruction to share.  It’s pretty unbelievable.

I have until 5 pm to figure a suitable punishment.  *sigh*

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