Fundraising Update

Well, I was pretty pleasantly surprised this weekend!

We had a Honduras meeting after church, during which we were all told our balance of fundraising on the trip.  I had expected to hear that I still had some way to go, since I wasn’t aware of any new donations coming in….and was told that I was OVER my goal!



It’s pretty awesome to know that it’s taken care of, and that there will be extra to take care of….well, all the extras! We won’t know for sure what medicines have been donated until around the 1st of March, and we may need to purchase some very needed over-the-counter meds to add to donations. We’ve got a list of school supplies for the kids at the CNI that are cheaper to purchase in Honduras, so we want to take money down for that, and we’ll be finishing and donating a house for a family, so we’d like to take a small ‘housewarming’ gift for them.

So anyway, if you were still wanting to donate, please feel free to do so, as it will be put to good use!  Many many thanks to everyone who donated, to those who prayed that I would reach my goal, and to everyone that is praying for a successful trip.  Keep it up, we’re not there yet!  We’ve still got lots of packing, traveling, and working to do!

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One thought on “Fundraising Update

  1. HOW VERY AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!! Let us know if there is anything we can help with supply wise.

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