The kids had their dental check up last week.  They also had a snow day, so Celia spent the whole day preparing a special card for ‘Dr. Rachel’.

They both had stellar checkups, no cavities!  Jordan still needs phase two of braces (which we’re all dreading.  him for social reasons, us for financial reasons).  Celia got her first xrays done and it was discovered that she had an extra tooth.  It’s just a little cone  shaped thing, doesn’t even have any roots, right in the front.  The hope is that when her baby teeth come out and the adult teeth come down, that little thing will come right down with them and just fall right out.

Celia is very nervous though that won’t happen, and is trying to convince us that it’s okay to have an extra tooth, that under no circumstances, should that tooth ever be removed from her mouth.

This self portrait clearly shows all the places that an extra tooth could comfortably live.  I do think she’s over estimating the extra space in her mouth.

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One thought on “Dentist

  1. Jenn L. on said:

    That’s too funny! Marlon has an extra tooth hiding behind his front teeth that he never wanted to get removed growing up–he is still too chicken now to get it pulled! Alex is heading to the dentist tomorrow morning–I’m assuming to see the same Dr. Rachel your kids saw 🙂 Hoping we have a similar result!

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