Smarty Pants

Celia is quite the little academician!  It’s so cute to watch her complete her school work and art project.  She spends lots of time on them, making sure that they are perfect, getting everything just right.

She also spends most of the evening upstairs, drawing pictures.

This one is a picture of a person sneezing.  The colorful dots are germs contained in a cloud of nose spray, illustrating why it’s so important to cover your sneezes:

This is a calendar, to help us track spring. I’m not sure if she’s saying that there are 118 days until spring, or spring has 118 days in it, but 118 days is a very important aspect of this work. Also, she has circled the ‘special sounds’ of SP and ING in the word ‘spring’. They are working hard on learning special sounds at school, so she’s pointing them out everywhere.

The last one is my favorite. She’s been griping about her penmanship work at school, claiming that it’s BORING. I explained that it might seem very boring and tedious….but it’s very important. I did not work hard at penmanship when I was little, and now as a grown up have very messy handwriting that I don’t like very much. She was super excited to hear this.

“Mom! I can help you learn to write better! I will make you worksheets to practice!”

And she did. This is my penmanship worksheet. She created it for me (drew the lines and everything to make it look just like kindergarten writing paper), had me complete it, then graded it. Yes, the ‘J’ is backwards….but that’s how she gave it to me, so that’s what I did. My penmanship might suck, but I’m good at following directions. Any letters that I didn’t get *just* right, she corrected in red. As you can see though, I earned a star and the compliment “First Grade Work”. When you’re in kindergarten, ‘First Grade Work” is about the highest compliment you can get, and is much yearned after on each paper.

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One thought on “Smarty Pants

  1. Love the pic of the sneeze. That’s just fantastic!

    And congratulations on your first grade work. Well done, mom!

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