Honduras Update

We have just over a month before we leave for Honduras.  Very exciting!

I have to be honest and say that I’ve really sucked with the fundraising portion of things this time.  Thankfully, I’ve had some fabulous people helping me out….otherwise, I’d be in big trouble.  But with their help, I’m getting there!

ideas for fundraisers

I think that collection of needed goods to take down is going really well though!  In addition to an organization that collects and distributes meds for mission trips, several area doctors, clinics, and pharm reps are donating medicine and medical supplies.  The church just started a drive to collect over-the-counter medicines that are also need.

The elementary kid’s area at church is collecting school supplies from a list of needs.  MOPS is collecting socks, underwear, and baby carriers.

And….got to get our vaccinations this weekend.  That’s always fun.  I didn’t follow up and get the 6 month booster after the last trip, so had to get Hep B again.  I was also given a typhoid vax to take.  4 little pills, taken every other day, but MUST be refrigerated.  And I forgot them in my purse.  😦  Since it’s only been two years since my last typhoid vax, I should still be covered (they are good for 3-6 years).  I’ll just have to suffer the guilt of wasting a perfectly good and much needed medication.   Not that I could have sent it to someone that needs it, with the whole needing to be refrigerated and all.  But the principal of it!

I’m still madly trying to learn more Spanish….and pretty sure that I’m learning LESS.  Like, in trying to learn more too quickly, I’m plucking any useful Spanish that I did have out of my brain and discarding it.  I’m really hoping that I won’t be in the position of having to actually speak in Spanish the whole time I’m there (because I will sound like an idiot) and after a week of listening to it spoken all around me….maybe some of what I’ve learned will sink in.

So there’s my update!

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