Why do I even own glitter?  Really.  Right now, I can think of no good reason for the substance to be in my house.

In my defense, I’m pretty sure that all of the glitter that we do currently own was either purchased before I knew I would have a little girl that would be so obsessed with it….or given to us.

So let it be know, to everyone on the planet:  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE MY CHILD GLITTER.

Seriously.  Check all gifts of art project kids, or makeup, or anything else that could even remotely contain glitter and remove this substance from the gift before she receives it.

Two weeks ago, she glittered the cat.  Very early one Sunday morning, she found the cat sleeping in the bathroom sink….and decided to glittify her.  With that superfine, powderlike glitter that really really sticks to fur.  While I couldn’t seem to get the glitter off the cat with a lint roller, a brush….or even *gently shaking the creature….glitter would fall off the cat in a veritable avalanche where ever she went.   So basically, the whole house has been lightly glittered, with circles of heavy glitter on certain beds where she likes to sleep, and around her food dish.  I did not check the glitter saturation of the litterbox, but I bet it’s heavy.

She also glittered her own hair….and the hair of her best friend.  Her friend’s mom mentioned to me that even after a week, she was still finding glitter on her child’s scalp.  Kind of like lice.  Only not as itchy.  Still contagious though, since I’ve noticed glitter in my hair after using the same hairbrush as Celia!

This week….it was the Valentine cards.  Her class is having a party on Friday, and she’s ready!  I had these cute as a button Dr. Suess valentines, that she has already addressed to every classmate and decorated with hearts.  I bought her candy to go with them, and I thought we were done.

Saturday morning though, I heard her little feet hit the floor and go skittering across the family room.  She was very very busy with something upstairs, but it was really really early….so I didn’t get up and go look.  My mistake.  Once, I heard her tiptoe down the stairs and right back up.

She was creating even BETTER valentines.  Home made ones, with hearts draw with glue and liberally sprinkled with glitter.  Big gobs of gold glitter.

She’s learning though.  She knows that mom hates the mess of glitter, so she was very careful to sprinkle glitter over the trash can.  Which was already full of paper scraps (there was lots of cutting involved too) so the glitter just slid right off, down onto the floor.  And got tracked all over the house.

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4 thoughts on “Glitter

  1. Ha! Faith is putting together an art studio in her bedroom and she asked for glitter as a part of her supplies. To which is said, Noooooo. Glitter glue is fine, so I picked up some of that. Still messy, but not nearly as bad as straight up glitter.

    Around here, the worst gift you could give my kids is Floam. I don’t know what evil soul created THAT garbage, but wow. Yes, let’s put styrofoam balls into slime. Perfect for the kids!

    Clearly not designed by a parent.

  2. This is TOO funny. I see similar things happening in my house as Kira already loves anything that sparkles.

    Oh, I agree with Alise about Floam. That stuff is diabolical. Try attempting to get that gunk out of Barbie hair- DOESN’T HAPPEN. That Barbie took a permanent vacation to the trash can.

  3. Marianne on said:

    OK, no more glitter from mamaw. But if it makes you feel any better, she brought some to my house a few weeks ago when she spent the night and WE got the glitter treatment throughout our house as well. She put it in her hair, so everywhere she went, the red glitter followed.

  4. Will discovered the joy of glitter this weekend when we were making Valentines for daddy. BIG MISTAKE! He wanted to open the glitter by himself… explosion of sparkle into the air. I’ve washed my hair twice, I think I’m still shedding glitter.

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