Something really strange happened Saturday evening.

Around 7:00, Cecelia came into my room, where I was reading.  She crawled into the middle of the bed and got under the covers.

“Oh, this is SUCH a nice bed.  Probably the best bed ever”

Okay, that wasn’t so weird.  She does get into our bed all of the time.  But then Jordan came in.  He hasn’t been in our bed in probably…..5 years.

“Yeah.  This IS a nice bed.  When can I have it in my room?”

I’ve put it out there to the kids that at some point in the not to distant future, Chris and I will be getting a new bed.  Our old bed will get to go to ONE of the kid’s rooms.  Really, it should go to Jordan’s room.  He the oldest kid, he should get the biggest bed.

However, whoever gets the big bed in their room has to take on the responsibility of making it….hospitable for company.  We don’t have a guest room, and probably never will, so a kid’s room needs to double for that.  While Jordan probably should get the big bed….his room usually is a biohazard.  I understand that this is relatively normal with teenage boys, so I usually don’t give him too much grief about it….but I’m not going through the stress of cleaning that every time we have someone come to visit.

As I’m explaining this to Jordan (have to keep your room clean if you want this bed) I look over and notice that Celia has fallen asleep.  I look over at Jordan and notice that he’s looking pretty dozy too and say “You can’t go too sleep here dude, you’re too big to carry to your bed.  Dad will need somewhere to sleep when he gets home.”

Jordan sleepily mumbles “Dad…..can sleep…..on….the……couchzzzzzzzz”

I thought that was pretty funny (fully intended to wake him and send him to bed though) so I texted Chris to tell him all about it.

Then I fell asleep.

Didn’t take the kids up to their beds.

I vaguely remember Chris coming home and I tried to mumble at him “Let me get them up to their beds”

But what really came out was “mrphn grumblela”.

And, being evicted from his own bed, he went to sleep on the couch.

I did wake up at 2 am, felt incredibly guilty, went in the living room, woke him up, and offered to take the kids to bed, to which he replied “mrphn grumblela”.

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