I love that my kids are still in that ‘all in, never had a doubt’ stage of faith.  Maybe they always will be, maybe there are some people that are always in that stage (Chris maybe? Certainly not me).

And I love that their school encourages them with this.

It’s hilarious to hear the discussion that is generated in Jordan’s Bible class.  His teacher is really awesome, and gives lots of class time to discussion, so the kids can really voice their thoughts and feelings about whatever they are talking about.  This semester, it’s been angels and heaven.   Really, where else (besides a classroom full of 13 year olds) could the question be asked “Do you think there are roller coasters in heaven”.   (They have lots of genuine, deep discussion as well….but that question is just so….real.)

Cecelia’s reading skills have taken off like wildfire.  Seriously.  Jordan is and always has been an exemplary reader, but I don’t remember him taking off quite as fast.  I’m not sure if it’s the program that the school uses, or just Celia, or what, but I’m impressed.  They came to pick me up at work the other day (carpooling rocks.  no feeding the meters!) and while they were waiting for me to finish up, she got out a Bible and just started reading it.  Just opened right up to Matthew and went at it.  The only word she even struggled over sounding out (and knowing what it meant) was ‘temptation’.  How does a little girl go from not reading at all, to reading adult level words in 6 months?  I don’t know, but it’s impressive.

They also blew me away with discussion of ‘infinity’ in the car last night.

Celia mentioned that she just couldn’t understand the concept of forever, having no beginning or end, and always having just ‘been’ (in particular in reference to God).   I agreed that it’s kind of an impossible concept….that maybe no one really ‘gets’ it….until we get to heaven and all our very human thought processes become…enlightened.

Jordan proceeded to elaborate on the question, wanting to know if God could time travel, if infinity really has no beginning and no end, just constantly looping around on itself in an unperceived way, like the figure 8.

And I’m always like, “Dude, I don’t know!”

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