Honduras 2011

I’m very very excited….it looks like it’s finally time to go back to Honduras!

If you’ve talked to me much in the past few years, there’s a pretty high likelihood that I talked your ear off about it, how much I loved it, and how I can’t wait to go back.  So for at least one week this year, you won’t have to listen to me talk about Honduras, because I hope to be IN Honduras, working with the beautiful kids at the CNI and doing whatever I can to help the awesome people that live, work, and volunteer there every day to help these kids be healthy, happy, find a way out of poverty, and most of all…know that they are loved by God.

I will be sharing every detail of the trip as it is planned, and as it happens though, so you will have to put up with that.  🙂

For now, I’m just going to get started with the first stages of it….praying and fundraising.

So, most importantly, if you’re a praying person, please pray for this trip.  There are two trips being planned right now, one in March, and one in June.  Pray that we get the right people for these trips.  Enough doctors, nurses, and support staff to operate the clinic.  Enough builders and construction people that we can help with whatever the community needs…whether it’s building homes for family, helping with church projects, or any of the other tasks that I don’t even know about.  Enough loving, enthusiastic people to work with the children.

Pray for the families that will be hosting us.  These are truly awesome people who work so hard loving on others, sharing the word of God, and improving their community.  In addition to what they are doing personally, they spend many many weeks out of the year hosting people from the US in their homes so that we can bring down resources and a few extra sets of hands to continue the work that they do every single day.

Pray for the teams that go.  That we all come together as a team, to work toward the goals that we set.  That we have safe travel, no sickness.  Lots of people are making plans to go, working to get the things that still have to happen at home (kids, house, work, school) done and taken care of while they are gone.  Many of the people that are going do have to fundraise to be able to afford the trip, pray that they be successful in their efforts.  Pray that we’re all able to set aside our personal agendas preconceived notions, and ‘stuff’ for the time we’re there, that we’re ready and available just to serve, in any way needed.

And pray for me!  I can’t even really say what I love about the community we work with Honduras so much, or why I have wanted so badly to go back and work with them (even before we left to come home last time) but I do.  It’s so hard to tell what is a selfish, personal desire….and what is a push from God.  So pray that I’m doing the right thing, that even if it’s the former, it God will turn it to the latter.  It’s been two years almost, so the CNI in my mind no longer exists.  It will be a completely different place, with lots of new people (and the kids that are still there will be quite a bit older).  So I know I’m going to have lots of ‘stuff’ to set aside.  Pray for me with my Spanish learning.  I told myself I would be at least conversant by the time the next trip came up, and I am not!  Pray for Chris…..who will get to handle the kids and school (plus is work) and the dog and the chickens and all the other every day stuff that we usually barely get through together…all on his own (of course, with the help of lots of our friends) while I’m gone.

So pray.  Lots.  That’s most important.  And if you have scripture that you think might be particularly helpful to me, please share it, as I play to step up my prayer life as well too.

The second thing on my early preparations list is fundraising.  The estimated cost per person for this trip is $1500.  So I’m setting that as my rough goal for now.  Since we don’t have final plans in place yet or know the exact needs of the community, I may increase that (ie, if our construction team will be building a house, I want to help with the funds required there.  If the CNI needs supplies, I wish to take those with us as well) total in the coming weeks.  But for now…..$1500.  I’ll keep everyone up to date with cute little fundraising tools.  They don’t update in real time, but I’ll track them and update them weekly (all the automatic ones cost money….and I’m not willing to forfeit any percentage of funds for that).  So here’s a start:

original fundraising ideas

I will be putting any and all Miche profits toward this goal this spring, so if you buy a Miche bag from me, you’ll also be donating to my mission fund!  I have a box of neat retired shells that I stocked up on to sell, so 100% of those will contribute to the fund, in addition to 30% of all online orders or party orders (that’s all I get, so that’s all I can donate!).  So if you’d like to shop with a cause, give me a call, book a party, or shop online at my Miche store.

Also, if you wish to donate directly, you can do so.  I’ve set aside my paypal account for this purpose.  However, if you wish to claim your donation as a deduction, there are some very specific things we need to do, so please contact me personally (leave a comment, or email me at rebeccamoranwv@gmail.com).  I’ll leave my spiffy little donate button (and my leafy green fundraising tracker) in the sidebar for your convenience.


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