I’ve been trying really really hard to get Jordan so pass his classes.

So have his teachers.

There just seems to be this….wall….of miscommunication. They deal with it way more that I do, but it’s like we’re not even speaking the same language.

In addition to several small assignments to be completed over break, he had some studying to do.

I sent him to study a few times.  Science, Chapter 4.  He gets a retake on his lowest grade on their first day back, and that’s the lowest one.

First he comes down to ask if I’m sure that it’s Chapter 4.  Yes, Science, Chapter 4.  Apparently that chapter is on food, and he doesn’t remember any of it (that could explain the low grade).

They talked about ordering food.  But not food itself.

Hrm, that sounds a little odd for a science class, but whatever.  I can see how that would factor in.  Food pyramid and all.  Nutritional Science is very ‘in’ right now.

He comes down again and tells me that the lesson is REALLY difficult, could I please help him to study?  Sure, no problem.  Bring me the book.

He sets the book down on the couch and goes for a drink.  I pick it up, and right away notice (because this is a really hard thing to miss) that it’s all in Spanish.

He studied Spanish Chapter 4.  Which his Spanish class hasn’t even begun yet.  (head start there, I guess).

Literally, speaking a different language.

Once we clarified that it was SCIENCE that he needed to be studying, we discovered that his Science book didn’t even make it home.

After a bit of Facebook chatting with friends to find the book title, and searching for study aids, I found a few….and we review the periodic table, atomic structure, and ionic/covalent bonds.  I’m not sure that he’ll remember any of it in the morning.

I now have an extra wrinkle in my forehead.  I think I’ll call it ‘frustration’.

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