We went up to Cooper’s Rock on Sunday to hike and check out the fall leaves. It was a *little* crowded for my taste, as everyone else in Northern WV decided to do the same…but still very beautiful. We went with friends from our home group (church) and it was very fun.

We always have to get the concession stand food when we go up. Chris LOVES their sloppy joes. I feel the ‘sloppy joe’ is an abomination of a food, and will not cook it at home. So they are a special treat. :/ They got a new playground this year, which everyone really enjoyed.

(this is pretty usual behavior from Chris and Lisa though!)

We checked out the overlook….and everyone marveled at the Colosseum (what? we go out in nature to marvel at…the city??)

Then decided to try Rock City Trail. Once we could find it. If you’re going to say that a trail starts at a certain place…you ought to mark that place on the map. Or have some sort of signage as to where it might be. But eventually we found the trailhead and started off down through a canopy of trees.

Then found some rocks.

Lots of rocks.

Jordan originally whined about going, since none of his friends were coming and there were no videogames in the wilderness. Then he remember how much fun it is to be outside, and had a great time. He was about to leap from this ledge when we all stopped him (he’s got a bad knee right now, and we didn’t want it getting hurt again and have to carry him a mile back to the car). How many people DOES it take to get one skinny kid off a rock?

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One thought on “Foliage

  1. Nice pics! I love Cooper’s Rock. Of course, the Rock City trail freaks me out just a bit, if for no other reason than I’m terrified that I’m going to get lost in the woods. And it’s easy to get WAY off the path on that trail.

    Looks like a fun time!

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