Jordan’s class got to do an awesome tour of WV a few weeks ago. His history and homeroom teacher put together a great itinerary to show them some of the highlights of the state.

Chris and I each got to chaperone a day.

The first stop we made on my day was in Moundsville. There are some Native American burial mounds there and we got to check them (and the accompanying museum) out.

Jordan and some of the other boys (in typical boy fashion) took off in a race to the top:

They made it.

Then the rest of the class made it.

After exploring the mound a bit, we went into the museum. There was a historic clothing exhibit, with really interesting dolls.

While they aren’t creepy (like some other museum dolls)…check out the waist to floor ratio on these dolls! I wanted to lift up their little skirts and see where their legs stopped. That would have been weird though, so I held back.

A very nice local plate (fiesta!) exhibit:

Turns out the remains in the mounds themselves were excavated by the original farm owners prior to the civil war, and lost. Along with most of the other artifacts from the area. So much of what they know is educated guesswork.

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