I’m not sure which of these concepts is more startling to me:

Apparently, my little girl can now read and write. And is taking full advantage of this.

(don’t be alarmed, it’s only sidewalk chalk)

(chickens only)

(free dirt baths)

Or that my chickens can READ:

Celia wrote that sign on the side of the porch, and the chickens went right under there and began their rolling and flapping in the dust.

Honestly, it’s just that she’s a genius in predicting chicken behavior. I mean, they are pretty predictable and it’s almost a sure thing that when we let them out of the coop…they will eventually end up under the porch, rolling in the dirt. She was pretty happy that the chickens ‘read’ her sign and obeyed though!

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One thought on “Puzzling

  1. Adorable! Love the signs!

    Also, I love it when kids surprise us with their abilities. I remember the first time I found out that Deborah could read. We were reading a Frances book and I thought she had just memorized it, and then we pulled out something at my parents’ that she’d never read before and she read that too. Crazy!

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