Julia-Ann Square

Probably my favorite part of our Parkersburg weekend was our walk around Julia Ann Historic District. It’s filled with beautiful homes, well cared for and full of history. One of them is even still kept by the same family that built it, almost 200 years later.

The house prices there were astonishing though. Dream homes that we could actually afford…..it would be nice to find something like this in Morgantown!

The walking tour is definitely work the trouble to find a tour booklet (don’t try looking anywhere you might find a brochure, simply wander the neighborhood and look for a random white mailboxes). Each home has fabulous history, but I’m just going to post the pictures. One feature that most of them have in common is ‘3rd floor ballroom’. I want to buy a house with a ballroom, restore it, and fill said ballroom with balls.

Okay, I lied. Just a little history. This one was built as an enormous duplex for two sisters to live in. They each got half of the house, but the top for had entrances to both. They shared a staff, which lived up there and used it to easily get from one side to the other.

The Chancellor House. This is the one that is still own and occupied by the same family that built it. A really unique Second Empire style house (very creepy looking!)

My favorite: The Castle

Okay, it’s kind of a behemoth mishmash of styles, but man! It’s really something. I think I like it most because it’s for sale (and not in our price range, by a long shot, but you can still dream!). And it has TONS of history. Built and inhabited by a influential politician, visited by JFK, and of course, that 3rd floor ballroom!

I want to live there and invite everyone that stands on the sidewalk taking pictures in for tea and cookies.

Since no one lives there right now, it was really hard for me to not just invite myself into the backyard to take more photos. The ‘front’ of the house originally faced the other direction, but as one street became more fashionable than the other, the changed it around. I’d love to know what it originally looked like…or even what it looks like back there now. I’m hoping someone will buy it and put it on one of the holiday or garden tours. I would drive down just to see more of that house!

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