WVU Spirit

Chris and I went to the first WVU game last week. Frankly, I could care less for football, but LOVE going to see the band play. He likes them both.

In fact, we both like the band SO much that we shock others with our….band nerdiness. We were sharing the whole ‘Country Roads’ experience with some people over lunch. I explained how I still get goosebumps every time the band comes running out of the tunnel, or do the exploding star in Country Roads, Chris shared how he tears up a little….

…..and they all stopped talking and looked at us. Silence. Then someone says “Are you for real?”

Uh, YEAH. This is band we’re talking about here. You don’t joke about the awesomeness of marching band.

Anyway, it was spirit day at the kid’s school, and I had promised Celia a bandana dress to wear. But she’s getting so tall that it would have been a bit short for school (and we had no matching tights on hand) so I made her bandana pants to go under it.

I’m not sure I like it all that much. A little hobo-ish. But I think that look is in with 5 year old girls. Maybe.

Celia liked it anyway….and it sure showed spirit. (In fact, Jordan even liked it. He made mention of it to me this evening, and getting compliments from a 13 year old is kinda like panning for gold…)

I’m making another set for a friend’s little girl…I think I’ll stick with navy top with gold ribbon accents. A little less clowny. (although….since you can really only get away with wearing clowny looking clothes as everyday wear until you’re eight or so, it stands to reason that you should probably dress as clowny as you can until then).

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One thought on “WVU Spirit

  1. I love it! It’s pretty darn cute.

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