Swimming and swimming and swimming

That’s what we spent most of the summer doing. Swimming.

We got a great deal on a pool pass for the summer. And you know I’ve got to get the most out of any deal, so we went almost every day.

The kids loved it. I, on the other hand, have a love/hate relationship with public pools. Generally, they are just cesspools of chemicals and germs, all stirred up together by masses of people. BUT….some of those people are my friends, and I like spending time with them. And I believe swimming is a very important skill for every person to know, so I wanted Celia to master that this summer. And the kids love it, so it’s hard to not love it a little bit.

I do have to gag and get out of the pool every time I see a band aid floating around :shudder: or a clump of HAIR :blech:. I’m very proud of myself for going back after we had to leave first one pool (someone threw up in it. they do let you go back in after they scoop out the chunks and stir in a few more chemicals…ugh…no way) then the other (poop. enough said) all in the same day.

All that pool time had the intended effect: Celia can now swim! In one week she went from not wanting to get her face wet, to cautiously paddling around, to putting her face in the water…..to jumping off the dive!

Jordan had a blast perfecting his flips, jumps, and dives….and scraping himself up on the waterslides. He was so funny. He’d come off the slide, run over and say “Look at my back, GEEZ that hurts” (little scrapes from the slide, all up his bony spine) then run off to do it again.

Of course the one day I remember to take a camera, he’s recovering from a knee injury, and couldn’t do any flips. Still had lots of fun though!

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