Staff Picnic

Summer is kind of a down time around the church. Students are gone, things get slow. They also hired a bunch of new staff over the summer, and about a month ago had a staff picnic. Have some fun and introduce all the new people and families to everyone.

Someone was kind enough to let us use their lake house on a small, private lake for the function. It was absolutely beautiful. Plus, there was an old stone furnace on the way in that I had never seen. Actually, I’d never even been to this area, and I love going down backroads I’ve never been before, so even before we got there I was a happy camper.

About 3 minutes after we got there, we pawned Jordan off on the new college leader. Figured we’d let him practice with our kid (and his friends). There was a tube tied to a paddleboat, so they started around the lake. (not much excitement on that tube, that’s for sure…)

Chris and I played Bocce with Beth (he and Beth share an office) and Tommy. Despite Tommy making loud moose noises anytime I threw, we still crushed them.

Then the volleyball began. Adam and Nicki are serious players (along with some of the others) so I just took pictures. Didn’t want to break my GLASSES!! :dork:

Plus Josh is tall, and not shy about stuffing people in the face.

One of my favorites of Chris:

He claims he’s ‘getting out of the way’. Looks a lot like cowering to me…..

My other favorite. It’s like he’s ice dancing or something:

The little kids spent pretty much the whole time catching fish.

(yes, that’s celia with the fairy wings on her back. she wore them the whole night. insisted that she needed fairy wings AND a babydoll to fish)

While Jordan tried his best to walk the line to follow my ‘don’t get your clothes wet’ rule (it was chilly!)

Until the most of Jeff’s family got in the boats and they started taking on water:

So Becca had to wear a flotation device, just in case…

Since I had a camera, I got to take the picture of the whole staff (short a few photo-phobic peeps)

Yes, that IS the serious one. That’s as serious as they get.

Pretty much it was a great reminder how awesome the people are that Chris works with….and that I get to spend a lot of time with. There’s such a diverse spread of personalities and ages that when they all come together, it’s a lot of fun. Celia and Jordan both had a blast and didn’t want to leave (in fact, Jordan didn’t come home with us. like most of the summer, the boys arranged a spur of the moment sleepover and all left in a pack to sleep at someone else’s house).

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