Soccer again.

For the past four years, twice a year, I post about soccer starting again.  I’m running out of titles for what is a very big deal for us.

First off, it’s still a little mind blowing to me that I even HAVE a kid that has been playing soccer for….8 years.  That next year he’ll be in HIGH SCHOOL, playing for the high school soccer team. (a point for which i’m a little glad…not having to drive back to fairmont for practices at weird times…just staying after school.)  That when we go to soccer games now…they are real games!  They are fun to watch, and that these boys are developing real skills now.

But it’s time again, for soccer to start up.  This year started off on a bad note.

Well, that’s not totally true.  I guess it really started on a GOOD note.  We got a great coach.  A great coach that we had last year (and a few other years).  A coach that we weren’t sure would be allowed to coach again this year (or want to).  At the last game this year there was a very unpleasant incident with a ref getting out of hand.  Our coach stood up to him and told him he couldn’t talk that way in front of kids (there was some inappropriate language) and got ejected from the game for it.  In a small town, where a ref pretty much runs the soccer league, that can mean never coaching again (even though the coach was in the right).

So we were very happy to see that not only was he continuing to coach, but that Jordan was on his team.  That first practice snuck up on us though…and we realized Jordan had WAY outgrown his cleats from the spring.  Spent the day before practice shopping around and discovered that no one had cleats in his size (for less than $90, which we couldn’t pay).  We figured that one practice in regular shoes wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Then not 20 minutes into that first practice, Chris calls to tell me Jordan got hurt.  (He’s getting better trained at those calls though and now begins with the scripted ‘everyone is fine, here is what happened’ line).  He went to plant a foot and just kept on sliding.  Popped his knee.  Couldn’t walk on it.

They had to carry him to the car and Chris brought him home.  We started icing it and figured out the best place to take him to.  By the time we got there, he could walk with a limp, and by the time the doctor came in (a very short time, the clinic we went to was awesome) he could walk without a limp.

He just wrenched it good (I’m not sure that’s the medical term).  It was really sore for a few days, but after a week of stretching and slowly getting back to normal, he was ready for the first game.

It was a hard game. There are two county teams this year, so the team from last year is split up. That means they are playing against a lot of their teammates from last year. We were also missing some boys and had no subs, so they all had to play the whole time….and it was really hot. The other team had a few more players…and more older players. We play them several times this year, so it could be a hard season.

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