First Day of School

Celia was SO excited for the first day of school. She was up, dressed, and ready to leave the house by 6:10. A whole hour before our (very early) ‘get in the car’ time. She wanted to be dressed head to toe in her favorite color…pink!

That’s special window crayon on the window. Celia’s creation from our last road trip.

Jordan was begrudgingly happy to go back and see his friends, and allowed himself to be drug to the car five minutes after the ‘get in the car NOW’ time.

YES, i KNOW I’m the worst mom ever for not noticing that my kid wasn’t wearing his seatbelt until I was posting these pics. He’s come along way from the seatbelt police that he used to be at Celia’s age. In (our) defense….I totally know what happened. (not that it’s an excuse, just sayin’). We carpool with another boy. A very nice high school boy. The three of them all in the backseat…it’s close quarters. And you know where those buckles are. Right by your seatmate’s butt. Accidentally touching another boy’s butt, even just to buckle your seatbelt is one of the top ten most mortifying thing to do when you’re 13. So that’s why it happened…and it will never happen again because I’ll make him buckle up before everyone else gets in. So there.

He also humored me for a few pictures at the school with his little sister. She was so proud to be going to school with her big brother, finally!

Her backpack, stuffed with school supplies, was almost as big as she was!

We got to walk her all the way to her classroom and stay for some pictures on the first day. She found her desk right away:

and got to work on her very first assignment…making shapes with Play-doh:

She didn’t even mind at all when we left.

I came back home and celebrated by cleaning the house, in absolute silence. No tv, no music, no one talking, no noise toys. Just me, and a quiet house. And a bathroom that stayed clean for a whole 7 hours.

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