There’s a first!

I try not to let the kids get involved in too many activities before they go to school. With Celia going to school this year, that meant she got to choose her first activity. I gave her three choices: soccer, gymnastics, and dance.

She didn’t hesitate for a second. “BALLERINA CLASS!!!!”

I found a good place for her, with a class time that fits right in our schedule (Hallelujah!) and doesn’t require extravagant costumes each semester. They do ask that dancers wear classic dance clothes to class every week, which gives you two options: pink or black.

As you can imagine, pink won out. Head to toe pink, with no variation. Celia just loves pink.

There’s a nice little observation window if you want to stay and watch (though there’s a Goodwill down the hall, so I expect most of my dance class time will be spent treasure hunting). Celia thoroughly enjoyed the class.

It was a crazy day with me working until after the class started. So Chris picked them up from school, brought them to the coffeeshop so I could get her dressed, then I met them at class later. I’m hoping to get some more pictures next week.

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