Lake Erie the Breakwater Light

We spent a weekend in Cleveland. My mom is in visiting and had to go pick up her new puppy at the Cleveland airport, so the kids and I went with her to do some sightseeing.

There are several parks and beaches right in Cleveland…but I really wanted to see some lighthouses, so we drove a little east to Fairport Harbor.

We went first to a beachfront park to check out the newer breakwater lighthouse. It’s not open to the public, but you can walk out to it on the breakwater. Or so the internet says.

It was built in 1925 at the mouth of the Grand River. Made of riveted steel that was shipped in pieces from Buffalo NY. Hrm….early pre-fab housing!

Unfortunately, the breakwater was rather slanted….

…..and since I had both kids (and only flip flops as shoes) this was as close as I got:

Can you image making that trip to get oil or supplies. I supposed they probably just boated it when the weather was okay, but otherwise….geez!

It was recently (last fall) deemed excess and auctioned off (after being automated for quite some time, though I can’t find a date) for restoration. I’d love to go in it sometime. Currently, all the doors and windows are welded shut to avoid vandalism (and possible destruction, as many of the lake erie lighthouses have been left to the elements to deteriorate…or even burnt down by partiers).

I was not impressed with the beach though. (Headlands Beach State Park) On our way out to the the lighthouse, we saw evidence of several bonfires, one still smoldering. Litter was everywhere, broken bottles, cigarette butts, melted plastic bottles, burnt aluminum, trash. Ick.

Lake Erie itself is also the most polluted of the Great Lakes (though great efforts have been made since the 70’s….when it would occasionally catch on fire, like the Ohio River….to clean it up) so I was a little leary of letting the kids get in it. We saw several dead fish washed up on our very short walk…maybe that’s normal for a lake (vs the ocean, which I’m more used to) but it didn’t add to my comfort level. The water looked clean enough, but if the beach is that dirty….I don’t guess the water could be much cleaner.

Celia did manage to get lots of neat rocks and pebbles in her pockets. I didn’t even notice she was doing it until we got back to the car and she started pulling things out.

Jordan also found a piece of pottery. White, with a green flower in one corner, nicely sanded smooth by the lake. I don’t supposed ‘sea pottery’ is valuable like sea glass (which we didn’t even look for)…but it was a neat find.

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