Winged Horses

To get us out of the sun on a really (really) hot afternoon, we decided to hunt down some of the Outer Bank’s famed winged horse statues.

In 2003 there was a Winged Horse Extravaganza. 99 Statues of winged horses were produced, some of them auctioned off and the proceeds went to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. The northern beaches are the home to the largest remaining herd of wild spanish mustangs….and you see these statues all over the Outer Banks. In addition to the ‘artsy’ ones…there are many others that are just as fun. We decided to find the ones we could in Corolla.

Here is us with Spirit:

And Collie:

Collie was in the bookstore…which I love to visit. I got two new books on the Outber Banks to add to my collection (also…geez I should have put some makeup on! at least some lipgloss or something!)

This is just a fun, random one we found:

So is this one.

bwahahahahahahahaha :gasp: bwahahahahaha

One day, she will kill me for posting that photo, but right now I’m thinking it’s the funniest thing EVER. ever. When I took the photo, the sun was all in my eyes…and it was really hot. So it was one of those “quick, run up to the horse, snap the photo, back in the air conditioned car’. I had no clue what she was…well…doing.

High Speed Steed (appropriately right beside the go cart track):

Monto’ac. According to one realtor, that’s the a Native American term that means ‘godly’. Not sure how accurate that is though….

Lastly, Mimmie Lou. She’s located in the front yard of a rental house not too far from ours. By the time we got to her, Celia was already asleep. Plus, there were about 400 minivans in the driveway. So I jumped out, ran up, and Chris snapped the shot. He says people were looking out the window at me, and that a lady either gave me a thumbs up or the finger. I just smiled and waved….don’t care either way. Seriously, you can’t put a piece of art in your front yard and not expect people to be taking pictures.

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3 thoughts on “Winged Horses

  1. Love it! WTG Celia! We have chickens through out our city that are painted up in a similar fashion as the horses.

  2. Donna on said:

    LMAO @ Celia 😉 Looks like a fun trip!

  3. Celine on said:

    Those looked so COOL!!! I loved getting to see you and the one with Celia is hilarious!!! Did you ask her what she was looking at when she got back in the car? LMAO!!!

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