It’s been a few years since we tried crabbing…and Jordan was dying to try it again. Now that he’s discovered that he likes eating crabs and all. So we stopped at the bait and tackle store, loaded up on gear, and went crabbing.

You don’t really need much to catch crabs (haha). Just some string, a net, and some chicken pieces. Like necks. Yum. Of course, you could buy a fancy trap, but that really takes the fun out of catching them.

In the past, we’ve always gone to the pier right by the lighthouse. It’s a REALLY long walkway through the marsh. Educational, but full of bugs and general steaminess. Also, pretty small once you get out there. One family is about all that can crab, and since it’s the middle of summer….lots of people are wanting to be there.

This year we went to Currituck Heritage Park. Sooooooo much better. Worlds better.

First off, there is tons of space. The whole moat and boathouse area is beautiful, with boardwalk and shady trees all around. There’s also a small pier with gazebo and public docks to put small watercraft in.

The park is home to the Whalehead Club, a restored hunt club. I’ve never taken the tour, but plan on it should we ever be here on a rainy nasty day. It’s gorgeous though.

One of the two original Chippendale bridges is still there. There’s lots of neat history that goes along with the club. I just love the bridge though.

Anyway, we chose the dock to put our lines in at. Lots of kayak tours coming and going. Plenty of room though. We caught crabs galore….five of which were big enough to keep.

We brought our five (barely) big enough crabs home to supplement our lunch with. We rinsed them, then threw them into a pot of boiling water. Discovered that they will indeed shoot off their own legs to try and save themselves.

Once they finished cooking we got them out. Everyone put a crab on their plate….then decided they couldn’t eat their catch when it was still staring up at them. Except Chris’s dad and I. He ate 3 and I ate 2…then they were gone. A lot of work for very little meat.

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