It’s been so incredibly hot here that a person can’t bear to be outside during the afternoon! We’ve been going to the beach in the morning and evening.

Everyone else tried to go to the pool this afternoon (Celia was napping so I stayed in) for a little bit…but the water is so warm and sun so hot…that even when you’re completely submerged…you’re still hot.

I joked that someone needed to make a floating umbrella stand so there would be some shade. When I looked out….I saw Chris’s dad with the beach umbrella!

This crazy ice cream man goes up and down our street about 400 times a day.

Chris tried to teach Chet how to float. I explained that once a person hits 30 and starts to get chubby…it just happens. He’s just got to wait a few years. I can float all day. I can also eat all day. Which is why the floating comes so easy now.

This was the first day Celia had to nap. I was trying to get her to swim…and she had a fit of epic proportions. It entailed screaming at the top of her lungs in anger (while doggy paddling) then throwing a deck chair. It was also a little funny….but sealed her fate on the having to take a nap. After the nap, she was much more pleasant and learned that she can swim the entire length of the pool!

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