I decided this year that we really needed more shade than a simple beach umbrella could provide. We needed a tent.

And we needed to call it a cabana, to make it more beachlike.

With this heat we’ve been having (almost 100 today!) it’s been really nice to have it!

I had to make some quick modifications to it though…the high tide came up a little higher than it had for the past few days. Sure…I could have just moved everything behind the tide line (and the pond it created)….but Celia and I were the only ones down there. Moving everything would have been a lot of work. And not near as fun.

So we created a wall and channel system. The channels would divert the water away from our cabana…and the walls would keep the water out if the channels failed. It worked smashingly! For all of one day. Then today another really high tide came and washed it all down.

Even Bennie helped to dig a little.

He REALLY doesn’t like waves washing anywhere near him. And he does really like to dig in the sand, so it was a perfect solution for him. This was the only part of the evening where he was really helpful.

After helping to dig, he barked at some playing kids and scared the jeepers out of some poor little girl. I scolded him for that. Then it was time to go home. We had to carry a LOT of stuff back to the house because it looked like a storm was coming and we didn’t want anything left out.

Luckily, the house across the street from us…the one with direct beach access….it’s not booked for the week. No one is there. So no one minds if we use their beach access. ;P

This is good for SO many reasons. First, everyone uses the walkway at the end of the block…which means everyone sets up as close as they can to that walkway. Lots of people in that little space. Right in the middle of the block, where we are…no one. So there’s less people. And it saves us about a block of walking. Lots of steps…but I don’t mind those too much.

While no one has booked the house for the week…apparently there are residents. Feral cats. Well, one cat and her kittens. One very protective mama cat and her kittens. So as we’re coming down the walk, I’m carrying my towel and book, the cooler/backpack, all the sand toys…and the dog’s leash.

He sees mama cat and a kitten and goes off. The kitten runs for cover….but mama cat…she attacks! I mean, comes at him hissing and snarling. Celia is refusing to get back and stay behind me, trying her best to squeeze between me and the rail so she can…I don’t know. Pet the cat, or break up the fight, or something. Eventually I reel Bennie in (we use the long leash at the beach) and shut him up, then go stomping at the cat to make it run.

By this time, everyone is looking at us. We’re now THOSE people. Yikes.

By next year, I’m going to be a different class of THOSE people. I’m going to be one of those people that makes a festive fabric banner to decorate the cabana with. Like Martha Stewart at the beach. It will rock.

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