Preschool Graduation.

Celia graduated preschool last week.  She’s officially ready to start kindergarten!  They had a little program at the school and picnic at the park afterwards.

Here she is doing a song:

Saying her scripture verse from the program:

Accepting her diploma:

With her preschool teacher, Mrs. Haggee (or Mrs Hinky, as Celia calls her):

With the school principal, Mr. Staud:

She’s so funny about these pictures. She’ll whisper in my ear (usually after she sees her friends getting pictures) “I want a picture with so-and-so”. Then she’s SO shy when it comes to actually taking the picture.

Having lots of fun (and giving mommy poison ivy….i think some oil got on her dress…and from there, my arm) at the post graduation picnic:

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One thought on “Preschool Graduation.

  1. Too adorable! Congrats on the graduation Miss Celia!

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