Spent the day at Kennywood yesterday.  It was a field trip for the middle and high school students….but we decided the whole family should go.  Jordan still spent most of the day with friends….but after everyone had to laod up the bus to go back, we stayed a little longer to take him on a few ‘classic’ Kennywood rides.  They are all intermediate kind of rides…not in KiddieLand, but not real scary either.  The Whip, The Kangaroo, and the Turtle.

Jordan spent the day with his friends.  They had to be in groups of 3 or more, and he was hard to track because he kept switching groups.  When asked what he did all day….mostly, he just rode the Raging Rapids.  He was soaking wet (and loving it, though it was a little chilly) at a few check ins.  He also rode The Racer.

Now, I *LOVE* the Racer.  It’s a fun little coaster, and I like the history aspect of it.  I mean, some people from the 1930’s rode that same coaster.  Pretty cool.  He was very happy to be hanging out with friends, standing in line, ready to ride:

Not quite so happy on the ride itself!

Chris, Celia, and I spent the rest of the day doing pretty much whatever Celia wanted.  First, forcing her to go on rides that she was terrified of:

(she stayed up the whole time, afraid if she brought the elephant down it would go down too fast)

(would NOT let me take me hand off the steering wheel)

(did not want a horse that moved up and down)

No pics of lots of fun ones….or of Noah’s Ark (NOT fun since they redid it…lots of really load noises and things to terrify her). I actually bought the pic that the park took of us riding the log jammer. She was SO terrified. The pic cost $10, and I look really fat in it….but as soon as I can scan it in, it will get posted. Hilarious!

Then we took her back to all those things she was terrified of, but discovered she loves (except the Log Jammer…she really hated that one).

Took a pit stop for ice cream and face painting (to make up for making her ride the log jammer)

Tried really hard to make Chris puke up his bacon cheddar fries (which he did not do).

Then the school bus left, and we stayed for a little family time. I can’t bear to think that one day (probably soon) some of these classic rides might be gone (like the ferris wheel and Turnpike now are) and my kids might not have experienced them. So we rode them together. They are all intermediate kind of rides…not in KiddieLand, but not real scary either. The Whip, The Kangaroo, and the Turtle.

The Whip is one of my all time favorite.  It used to be in a covered pavillion by the Log Jammer….but they’ve moved it to Lost Kennywood and now it’s in the open.  I still kinda miss the pavillion….but not really since it always smelled like tar and gave me a headache.  Plus it apparently collapsed during a storm a few years ago (a new pavillion, in the new location, not the original one) and killed a lady while she was riding….so, yeah.  It’s been around since 1916 though….and I just love it.  I hope Kennywood keeps classic rides like this around.

The Kangaroo is another classic favorite that I made the kids ride.  Jordan loved it.  Celia….’eh’.  She’s not crazy about the ‘bump’ feeling in her tummy, but was laughing by the end.

Everyone else like The Turtle the best.  It dates back to 1927.  It’s fun to ride….but the boys liked it’s close proximity to the Phantom Revenge coaster.  See, they don’t want to go on the coaster (though Chris says he does), they just want to be NEAR it as it zooms past.  These rides get crazy close, so they loved the Turtle.  Some other random kid also loves the turtle.  He just climbed on in our (pretty full, with 4 of us…though you can fit 6 people) car and started talking.  Lots of other cars with just 2 people in them, but apparently we looked like the friendly bunch….or he wanted to assimilate with a family.

I love that the park still has so many trees.  Makes it nice and shady….and pretty.  I don’t like that it has so many smoking areas.  Seriously, they were EVERYWHERE.  You couldn’t sit on a bench along most of the walkways without being next to a stinking ashtray/box thingy.  Not that people really abided by them.  I was shocked at the number of adults I saw walking around, chaperoning a bunch of kids (not from our group, but it was a popular day for school field trips), smoking.

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