Someone stopped in to see what was happening at so.zo while I was working the other day.

There are several ‘someones’ that stop in on a daily basis.  Most don’t hang out long because I’m the mean manager that doesn’t give out free coffee, no matter how hangdog you look about it….and because though I try my hardest, I generally suck at small talk.

After ascertaining that there was no one else (ie, someone cool) around to talk to, he explained to me that he had to go to class.  Walked halfway out the door, then returned, slightly shifted several of the stools around and explained, “Sorry, I had to do that.  I’m a narcissist.  You know, I have to make sure everything is super clean and in it’s place.”

Two little background tidbits that make that statement even more enjoyable are:

1.  he was on his way to creative writing class.

2.  several volunteers spend about an hour removing his…..particular…aura…..from the leather couch last month.

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