A Day at Chestnut Mountain Ranch

We spent Memorial Day at Chestnut Mountain Ranch and had just the best time.

We hadn’t been up since Jordan’s school trip to work there in the fall, and so much has changed. There’s a gorgeous new dock and gazebo with super awesome rocking chairs. They have 3 pet ducks that are super friendly. Tons of fish in the pond….two canoes and two paddle boats!.

Jordan caught the first fish. It took him about 3 seconds.

It was Celia’s first fishing trip with her new princess pole. She liked to find a fish swimming around, drop her hook in next to it, then catch it. The fish were very cooperative with this plan.

There was also a huge yellow-white koi swimming around. Like, he was bigger than Celia at least. Maybe Jordan’s size. He was a big fish, and whenever he came near the top, you could see him. The boys all decided that they would be catching him. Since koi eat grasses and stuff, that didn’t happen. He teased them all day though.

The boats were also a big hit.

Feeding the ducks was also fun. Those ducks ate a LOT of pringles that day.

They were not the least bit shy, even jumped in the boat for more chips.

We discovered a little later in the day that the black and white duck had a nest with about 8 eggs under a tree. I don’t think any of them were fertile…but she was trying to hatch them. She and Brunella (our broody hen) would get along well I think.

We also had to go down to the creek to catch some crawdads. Better bait. Not that it mattered, since these fish would just jump on a bare hook.

Definitely a great day!

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