Jordan turns 13!

Jordan turned 13 yesterday.  I’m not sure which he was more excited about:  the party, the presents at the party, or getting a Facebook page.

This year he decided to have an Air Soft party. Basically, shooting each other with plastic pellets. The name Air Soft is slightly misleading….in that it does actually hurt when the pellets hit you. Not enough to break skin…but enough for all the boys to ensure that they have no exposed skin on their person while playing.

While I’m not totally sure I’m okay with it (I’ve never been okay with play guns, so this is a big deal for me) it is THE big thing for boys right now, and Jordan (and all of his friends) have been obsessed with it for over a year.

Here is the only thing that they (Jordan and Chris) let me do to follow anything close to a theme:

That’s right. Sprinkles that look like the pellets they shoot each other with. I even had to talk them into those. Okay, I kinda had to insist on them.

He also wanted a pinata. I didn’t have time to make one this year….so we bought one. Total fail. Jordan (being the birthday boy) got the first hit. He hit it. It swung twice….then the bottom fell out. Not anywhere close to where he hit it even. No matter, the boys didn’t waste any time scooping up candy and chips:

I’m not sure what I’m doing. Probably yelling “See! This is why you don’t buy a $6 pinata from walmart!” He was a pretty cool tiki head guy though….. (note that all of the boys are taller than me already…..)

Then onto the cake/presents. Honestly, the boys didn’t want to do anything other than play airsoft. I couldn’t get them to eat (too busy checking out each others guns) even….so we just rushed through the first part, then they would cower in the corners of the room and shove pizza and soda down when they were ‘out’ from any particular round.

The present opening was highly enjoyed though. He got a new airsoft gun, an ipod touch….and a ton of money. Not sure which he was more excited about.

Then the fun part (for them). We put up a few places to hide, turned out the lights, and all the adults evacuated the room.

I did stick my head in periodically to issue my (somewhat obsessive, but necessary) “PUT YOUR GOGGLES ON” warning. No one shot an eye out though, so the party was a total success.

It was kinda cool to see the huge piles of plastic pellets that we swept up after everyone was done!

(all pictures courtesy of my father in law….as I can’t seem to remember to take a camera anywhere this year)

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