Spring Soccer

Jordan is playing soccer again this spring.  We were really happy to hear which coach he had…..we’ve had him in the past and he’s great with the boys.  Really teaches them soccer, keeps them in line….and is NEVER negative.  At least half of the games this season I’ve watched the other team’s coach run up and down the sidelines, screaming at the kids, while ours stands there and…coaches.  Always gives the boys a pat on the back and a ‘good job’ when they sub out.  Works on strategy and teamwork with them.  It’s awesome.

Anyway, the boys have dubbed themselves ‘The Smurfs’.  We call them ‘The Hair Team’.  At the first practice, I didn’t recognize any of them!  Then, the wind blew against them when they were running and blew the hair back, you could see their faces and discover that these are the same little boys (now young men) that Jordan has played with since he first started.  The last time we saw them, everyone’s mom was still in charge of their hair, and generally….it was short.  Now the boys have discovered style….and almost all of them have grown their hair out.

Jordan is no exception to the hair rule:

It’s really something to watch them play now. There are some seriously talented players on the team. I also spend the better part of the game marveling at how they can dive and go rolling, get smacked with the ball, or otherwise knock each other around….then get right up and keep running. I guarantee I wouldn’t move for at least a week.

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