Farm Day 2010

This is the 3rd year that Celia has gotten to go to Kid’s Day at WVU Farms. It’s one of her favorite events of the year. In fact, for the rest of the year, anytime we drive down Stewartstown road she comments, “Hey! There’s MY farm. When are we going back there??”

In April, we go back there. Every year she has her favorite animal…this year it was the baby sheep. Unfortunately, this was the first year that no one held a baby lamb for the children to pet. 😦

She did get to see lots of other animals though. And got viciously mad at me at the chicken cages. See, they put a hen and a rooster in each cage. And roosters being….well, roosters….do their rooster thing. Frequently. Poor hens. Anyway, one was feeling particularly amorous when we went to look, and the moms were all laughing, and I joked for her to “not look, the chickens are fighting”. She thought I wasn’t going to let her look at the chickens (ever) and hysteria ensued. That was fun.

Hanging with all her friends, checking out the cow (no science experiment cow this year either)

Milking the fake cow:

Trying REALLY hard to get close to a sheep:

The sliding board ducks were a big hit:

Chris got to go with us this year…and I think he enjoyed it just as much as Celia did.

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