Starting Over

Since I haven’t been writing much lately, it took me way too long to notice that my blog had been hacked. Like, at least a week.

After I got over the initial shock of it (and realized that my content was not lost, only the ability to access it) I wasn’t TOO bummed out. I mean, the content is the important thing.

Chris worked on some thing and made it so I could get in and export the posts….but let me know that he didn’t know how long he could reasonably keep things up.

So I’ve exported….and moved all my stuff back over to my old address at wordpress. With that, I lost my ability to pick new and fun themes (ones that aren’t on a million other blogs) but again…the content is the important part.

I’ll also lose my slightly larger photo size. That one really bums me out. I still upload photos to a host site and embed them in each post. Old habits die hard….plus I’ve never gotten the wordpress photo uploader to work as smoothly as picasa or even photobucket. The photo size does bum me out a bit….since I think they come out a bit small when I get the yearly book thing printed.

I’ve been working really hard though to keep the small details of my life from getting in the way (mentally) of the big picture things…and the big picture here is that I’m trying to preserve the photos and moments (in words) of my family’s life for them….and I doubt they will ever get one of the books out and go “Gee, I really wish these photos were just a few pixels bigger.”

So I think I’m over my writer’s block, and I think I have things moved. Now I can get back to doing stuff, then writing about it….as opposed to the past few months where I feel I haven’t done too much…and not written about what little I did do.

I’m also going to say goodbye to my bargain blog.  I haven’t written anything new in quite some time…and I’ve been okay with that there.  With the kids getting older and into more activities, I’m spending less time actually at home.  While I still practice frugal shopping and keep the family’s budget under what I would consider to be a bare minimum (and enjoy it, it’s like a puzzle)….I don’t stockpile nearly as much and never have time to write about it in a way that would teach a beginner how to do the same.  When I first started it…there were not too many places to get the information I’d learned in a quick, concise fashion.  Now everyone and their mother has a bargain blog or deals tutorial site….so the info is out there in plenty of other places.  I will probably copy and paste the meal plans and recipes into my little used (but much resourced, on my end) recipe blog…because I do go back and recycle those plans.  Once I have a good amount of content (and have typed all my random recipes in there) I would also like to get it printed.  Imagine…a whole book full of just MY recipes that I use every day.  It would be nice to replace the 10 or so cookbooks on my counter with just one magic book….     I will be sad to have all those resource links lost though.  All the neat crafts, gardening, and cool stuff linked there will be lost in the internet once more.

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One thought on “Starting Over

  1. peaches on said:

    I’m sorry Rebecca. Who hacks someones blog? For what purpose?

    Smaller photos or not, I’ll still be reading. I want to hear more about the chickens! I live through yours since I am still not allowed to have any!

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