We’ve spent lots of time outside in the past few days.

First order of business was to move the chicken coop from the protected (but shady) corner near the house to a nice sunny spot in the lower part of the yard.  I’ve also decided to make a bigger yard for them.  I like having them out in our yard, but they can be sneaky.  There’s always something coming up that will allow them to get OUT of the yard unless I’m watching them…and I’d like it better if they had more room to roam around their coop.  Plus, while I loved them scratching around in my gardens and weeding last year…they also were not big enough to do so until summer…when all my plants were pretty well established.  Something tells me they might just gobble up all my spring seedlings so I want to be able to contain them!  Hoping to get started on assembling that today, but for now, at least the coop is in a prettier and sunnier spot.

Then I had to tackle the porch.  For some reason, in the fall and winter it becomes a place to deposit junk.  Some of the junk has a home (like the Christmast decorations) and others….just need to be gotten rid of.

Then to remove the layers of winter…yuck that cover everything.  The table, chairs, grill….everything.  One layer of grime has been removed…it’s going to need at least one more washing to be considered clean.

I’m paying Jordan the big bucks to clean all the grass and weeds outside of our fence.  They are a pain to mow…and I’d like to cover that whole slope with wildflowers.  Celia has decided to help.  He’ll get paid $25 if he clears the whole hill….she’ll get ice cream.  Mostly because she’s not clearing…..just picking up worms and feeding them to the chickens.  It keeps her happy though.

While I’m out there…I start thinking.  Always a dangerous proposition.

First off…our gate fell off somewhere in the freezing, thawing, and ice falling off the roof cycle of this winter.  I really wish I could think of a way to replace it that would keep the chickens off the porch…but let the dog go back and forth.  For dumb birds…they are pretty smart.  I think they could probably figure out any door I made for the dog.

Secondly…..the kids REALLY would love one of those backyard pools.  I’ve had this thought for the past few years….and I think this year, like all the others, I’m going to stick with my NO on that one.  I mean, let’s face it.  They are trashy.  We all know it, but we love them anyway.  My house has enough other things to make it trashy, I don’t need a semilopsided pool back there adding to the mix.  We also don’t really have a perfectly level place in the yard for it.  Getting a level place is a lot of work.  Not sure I want to do all that work.  Then there’s the maintenance of keeping it clean, and the fear of someone drowning.  We can get a family pool pass for just over $100….which will mean that I HAVE to leave the house (always a good thing) and the kids will have built in friends to swim with (since many of our friends also buy this pass).  It will also mean that I have to be seen in a swimsuit…in public.  Blech.

Lastly….there really is NO good way to arrange things on the deck.  The deck is huge, which is great.  It’s one of the reasons we bought the house…it’s like an extra room in the summer.  But the wrap around seat really hampers where to put things.  It’s not even comfortable to sit on!  I would also LOVE to pull up all the boards and rearrange them to they are right.  When they built the deck, they didn’t stagger the flooring.  So there’s one big seam down the middle.  Not sure what they were thinking, but it bugs me, in a big way.  Just big enough to slap a rug over it though, not to actually go ripping up boards.

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