Funny Kid Quotes

“MOM!  I think the cat barfed on my floor.  Or maybe it’s meat.  I don’t know!”  – Celia (it was a leaf from a strawberry….which is good because our cats almost never barf, and the unexplained appearance of meat in her room would have freaked us all out)

“Do you want bows in your hair?  This is a hair fixin’ party.  I’m going to give you hair like a princess.  I’m going to fix everyone’s hair like something they like.  I’m going to fix Jordan’s hair like Link (from Zelda).  I’m going to fix Daddy’s hair like Epcot because he likes Epcot.  So I’m going to make his hair round and puffy like Epcot.” – Celia

“Why is there a BUTT on the wall?!?!?!” Two seperate occassions, once Celia, once a friend’s daughters, asking about some of the artwork at so.zo.  Said painting has hung on the wall pretty much since so.zo opened three years ago, I know that at Celia has seen it at least a hundred times and never questioned it.  But twice in two days the very (demure, modern art, almost cartoonesque) butt in the painting has insulted little girls!  I explained that it was so show everyone that was the BATHROOM….which is where butts go, after all!

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