Best of intentions.

Best of intentions…funny how they can go wrong.

Jordan finally came down with the dreaded stomach bug that we all had gotten.  Like Celia, he was a real trooper through the whole thing.

When he finally got to feeling better the other evening, I sent him to shower and freshened up his room.  New sheets, a quick wipe down to kill any lingering germs, all that.

I wanted to get it done in a hurry, because you know after you’ve been SO sick, then you finally get in the shower…it feels great.  But you want to get right back in bed and go to sleep afterwards.  So i wanted to have everything done and ready for him by the time he got out of the shower.

After I got him all settled back in bed, I carried the laundry down and put it in the wash.  Our new machines are really amazing, and super quiet.  But all during the wash cycle I kept hearing something thumping around.  After about 20 minutes of thumping it occured to me that I did find the tv remote in Jordan’s bed…and his book….and took those things out….but I did NOT see or remove his DSi.

His brand new for Christmas DSi.  That was a gift from the grandparents.

I ran down there and looked in the window on the front of the washer, and sure enough, there was the DS.  Thumping and splashing around with the laundry.

The other thing about our new super fancy washing machine is that since it’s a front loader…once you start the cycle, the door locks.  You’re not getting anything in.  Or out.

I sat there and watched that super expensive and much treasured piece of technology swish around with the sheets and towels for 10 minutes before I could rescue it.

Once I managed to get it out….I spent half an hour using paper towels to wick water out of every crack and hole I could find in the thing.  Then (after much internet research) we placed it in a bag of rice in the hopes that would draw remaining moisture out of the system.

The only rice I had in the house (it was grocery shopping week) was from our well loved rice bags.  The ones that we heat over and over in the microwave.  The rice in them now resembled quinoa…but we figured it was really dry, which fit the bill.

After 4 days in the rice bag…there was still water behind one of the screens.  We decided it was pretty much a goner and it should be replaced.  Luckily, the grandparents stepped in and took him to Walmart to pick out a new one.

Now the DS is a science experiment.  I mean, it can’t get any MORE broken…so Chris is going to see if he can take it apart and fix it.  Step one is going to be immersing the thing in alcohol.  (Rubbing alcohol, not the drinking kind).  Then drying it again and seeing if that does anything.

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One thought on “Best of intentions.

  1. Things happen…and thing what fun the boys will have experimenting. Glad you are all getting over the flu.

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