If it’s possible

If it’s possible for a little girl to be absolutely darling while sick…Celia was it.

We’ve been passing a tummy bug around the house.  Those always make me angry in the first place.  No matter how much you bleach your entire life down, now much you confine the sicko, how much you insist on everyone washing their hands……it still makes it way around.

Chris was down with it last weekend, and we had to cancel his birthday party.  I *thought* I had it….but I’d been thinking all week that I had something different…much more mild.

Then last night, Celia surprised us all (herself most of all) by getting sick.  She was such a trooper about it.  No tears or fits of fighting against it….and she carried the special ‘snowflake bowl’ with her everywhere.  I mean, she would not lay that thing down.  She was very stressed out about the possibility of ‘getting anything’ even though we told her over and over that it happens….and that everything around here washes.  Needless to say, she didn’t have another miss for the rest of the night.  Even after she was well on the mend, she carried that bowl with her, just in case.

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