New Dress

I’m in a crafting mood. It’s so much easier to do craft stuff when you are away from home.  No clothes to wash, no floors to clean, no meals to prepare, phones to answer……

Anyway, while visiting my mom, all I have to do here is go through her extensive fabric stash and create.  So I am!  I’ve got several little scarves set aside, and FINALLY set down to make the faux pillowcase dresses (since I’m not using real pillowcases…yet at least) that I’ve been wanting to do for Celia.

First one is complete!  Only took about an hour, and I’m very happy with it.  She seems to like it, just refuses to try it on for real.


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4 thoughts on “New Dress

  1. Tempest Mom on said:

    I wish I could see that better! I want to see it close up!!

  2. Peaches on said:

    I am so jealous of your talent. I want to learn to sew like that!

  3. hey i want directions for that, please. Emma loves dresses in the sumemr and I think I can make them.

  4. Rebecca on said:

    ANYONE can make these, they are SO easy.

    Ideally, you’re supposed to use a vintage pillowcase…but I make do with fun fabric. I’m dying to do more…but forcing myself to do my 2010 organize the house stuff first.

    This is the closest to what I did that I could find.

    I didn’t get out a measuring tape, I was not the least bit fancy about this. I like dresses a little long (past her knees). The nice thing about this is that as she grows, we can add pants underneath it and make it a top, as it’s totally adjustable.

    For school we just put a long sleeve t and tights under it.

    I also kinda like the one shoulder bow…so does Celia.

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