First Snow – 2009

We got out first real snow this weekend.  A bit of a surprise really.  Flurries were predicted, and they had just started to cover the ground when the sun (and Celia) got up.

She was super excited and ready to go out and play within minutes. By the time Jordan was up and dressed, it was coming down pretty good.  Globs of wet, heavy snow.

They played outside for just a little bit, then we had to drive (on the really slushy roads) to pick up a Christmas tree we ordered.  By the time we got back home, there were several inches in the backyard ready for play.

Jordan has always done well playing in the snow.  He can just stay out there for hours, even if there’s no one else to play with.  This year Celia has finally started to enjoy it though.  They had snowball fights (with enormous basketball size globs of snow) and she didn’t cry about getting snow anywhere.

Now, I did send them out with hats and gloves. They kept getting wet, then the kids would take them off. Then they’d get cold and meet me at the door for fresh ones. So don’t go thinking I send them out half dressed!

They made a snowman…though he didn’t make it until I could get a photo. Celia stole the carrot nose and ate it, then Jordan pounced on it and demolished it.

While the kids had a great time in the snow….those princess chickens wanted NO part of it.

We let them out early on, when not much was on the ground, and they immediately hid under the porch. I had a hard time getting them back in the coop because they refused to walk in the snow. I’ve also been worried about them being too cold at night, so I heat up some rocks and put them in the coop. Radiant heat!

They were getting cabin fever by this afternoon though, and ventured out as the kids were trying to snowboard.

Even Chris got in the Christmas spirit and donned some antlers to play!

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